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September 2015

12 tips for landing a job in digital

How do you gain access to the magical land of digital? Complete the following simple steps to sail through the recruitment process and land your first agency job.

September 2015

Dear students, are you programming yet?

Education authorities, scholars and prospective developers should gain an understanding what it means to be a developer in 2015 and what candidates need to qualify for their first development job.

August 2015

Our use of Expression Engine

One of the tools we rely on when developing is Expression Engine. Expression Engine and Lima Bean have a long and fruitful history together.

May 2015

Brands and #SocialMediaFail #DigitalFail

I can just picture it. Pretty much every single company has had their marketing team sit around a table and say "we need to consider / do / think about Social Media

January 2015

How brands will win in 2015

The start of every new year brings about a time of reflection and planning for the future, with business leaders and brand managers strategising and planning for the challenges of the year ahead.

October 2014

Lessons from the Real Meal Revolution

Usually our clients are well established, so it's not often that we get to work on a brand that is as powerful in its infancy as the Real Meal Revolution.

June 2014

E-Commerce in South Africa in 2014

Let's be honest. E-commerce in South Africa, in 2014, is still in its infancy. Compared to the rest of the world, we aren't even close yet. So what's the hold up?

June 2014

The Pillars of UX

A lot of our time and thinking is spent about what constitutes a good “user experience”. What is really at the heart of good UX?

June 2014

Responsive Web Design

There has been a massive amount of buzz generated around “responsive design” (RD) and how it’s the future of web design.

June 2014

The Dos & Don'ts of Social Media

It’s now (thankfully) common knowledge that a meticulously strategized social media campaign can do wonders for your brand awareness and exposure.