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Deep & practical experience in deploying and scaling systems and big data on AWS, Google Cloud & Microsoft Azure.

As early adopters of Docker and Kubernetes we have been at the forefront of deploying to the cloud. We have numerous enterprise production deployments using Kubernetes on AWS and Google Cloud, with deep, practical experience of containerisation, auto scaling and developing stateless, cloud native systems.

Our beliefs

  • Design your systems to be stateless
  • Leverage 3rd party cloud services wherever possible
  • Ensure your setup is redundant, auto scaling and self healing
  • Spend time perfecting your CI/CD pipeline to allow for easy and continuous deployments and rollbacks if required
  • Manage costs closely

Head of division


Shaun has vast and deep knowledge of all things Devops; from configuring CI/CD pipelines to deploying big data applications onto the cloud. He is one of the early adopters of Docker and Kubernetes. His next big bet? Flutter.

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Lima Bean Cloud Hosting & Cloud Based Solutions