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Delivering high quality, fast and polished apps for Android & iOS

Having world class native apps should not be limited to the big players only. The business case for apps gets stronger each year, with companies leveraging the increased consumer engagement and loyalty that apps provide.

As early adopters of Flutter, we are able to rapidly deliver world class, enterprise grade native mobile apps for Android and iOS that are as responsive and polished as anything built natively by big global organisations; all underpinned by rock solid and secure APIs deployed to the Cloud.

Our beliefs

  • Users expect mobile apps to be exceptionally polished and quick
  • Apps should start up instantly
  • There should be no “jank”. Apps must respond smoothly and quickly
  • Hybrid App Frameworks should be avoided
  • Leverage 3rd party platforms such as Cloudinary to improve the user experience
  • Flutter is a gamer changer

Head of division


Stephan is an experienced software developer with a passion for writing high quality and well thought out code. He has been actively developing mobile apps that feel truly native in Flutter since it’s beta phase. Stephan leads the mobile app / Flutter development at Lima Bean.

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