Our Thinking

Brain pickings on digital and beyond

April 2021

The Tech that Enables us

It took just over a decade, with a lot of trial & error, school fees and sleepless nights, but finally, I am confident to say, we are now winning.

February 2021

The Yard is Born - A creative agency under the Lima Bean stable

Many of our newer clients might not believe it, but for a long time, Lima Bean’s creative offering was very much limited to user interface design. Our wireframes and designs have always been good, but mainly pitched as specs; a means to an end in order to deliver “the system”.

January 2021

E-commerce in a Covid world

Covid-19 has accelerated the inevitable. Like the great wars of the past, where innovation and industrialisation was catapulted forwards, this pandemic is fast tracking the global shift to digital. This was happening regardless, it’s now just doing so at a much faster pace.

November 2020

Web Accessibility - A UX Designer’s Checklist

Creating a more accessible web is not only about inclusion - it’s about contributing to a better quality web overall.

August 2020

Five Key E-Commerce and Digital Media Lessons To Be Learned From The 2020 Covid Lockdown

Here are five lessons our team learned while helping our brands navigate life in lockdown.

July 2020

Lessons learnt about working remotely

A few lessons learnt over the past few months that have helped our company effectively work remotely. 

February 2020

A Pragmatic Approach to Digital Transformation

“Digital transformation”; it’s a lovely buzzword, featuring on websites of companies large and small, letting consultants deliver reams of documentation; and every now and then, changes in organisational processes and systems.

November 2019

Five things we love about Flutter for Mobile App Development

Not since we adopted Docker, have we been so excited about a new technology. When we first came across Flutter in early 2018, it was still fairly immature, but promised a lot.

October 2019

Custom Development is Dead, Long Live Custom Development

Custom software development has been given a bad reputation. It is often labelled as “reinventing the wheel”; and in many cases I would wholeheartedly agree.

September 2019

Five Things to Consider when Building Cloud Native Applications

Five things you need to know about building cloud native applications