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The rise and rise of Python

By Hagen - June 2019

While Python might get less overt hype than other programming languages, it is an under the radar, valuable workhorse for many companies, big and small. It has also in the past few years gained a lot of traction in the scientific community, where Matlab and the like is being increasingly replaced by Python.


Node.js - The Business Case

By Hagen - April 2019

Node JS has been all the rage for a while now. But what are some real world uses for it and is it the best fit for every type of information system? This article explores this and more…


Our approach to Black Friday 2018

By Hagen - August 2018

Last year we had an incredibly successful Black Friday, with all of our e-commerce properties handling the load without a hitch. One of our websites was responding in under 300ms with over 2,000 concurrent users. In this article, I’ll discuss our strategy for scaling for this year’s Black Friday on 23 November, 2018.