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All forms of marketing and website creation require strategy, but with so many campaigns flooding the web, a digital branding strategy requires an extra dose of savvy. That’s why we research and analyse every aspect of your brand before brainstorming solutions, making sure we know exactly what you want and how to make it happen.

User Experience (UX) Design

The key to good web design lies in the ability to craft positive user experiences. Our designers are specially trained to create exceptional UX by tailoring design elements such as information architecture, content strategy, visual design, interactivity and usability to the target user’s wants and needs.

Web Design

We base all of our graphic, interface and user experience design principles on evidence-based studies of the way web users tend to think and act. Consequently, our work invariably features smart designs that accommodate users’ demand for simple, attractive, efficient, credible and engaging online experiences.

Responsive Design

Smartphones are outselling desktop computers four to one, urging brands to adopt a mobile presence or risk losing masses of potential customers. Using responsive design principles, we offer a simple, cost-effective solution to this dilemma by developing one adaptable site that seamlessly translates across all platforms.

Interactive Design

Given the online standard of immediate gratification, it is important to communicate with users in ways other than bombarding them with information. We therefore engage users in the communicative process with design elements like search bars, collapsible menus, sliders, photo galleries, parallax scrolling and the like.

E-commerce is our claim to fame. With top SA retailers among our happy clients, we are one of the nation’s most reliable architects of successful online stores. Specialising in helping established retailers develop their e-commerce offering, we have the expertise and experience to craft a winning online business for your brand. Find out more.

Web Development

We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality code. Our developers adhere to strict development methodologies, using best practice frameworks and methods. This results in code that scales well, is clean and easy to maintain. Our clients trust us to deliver work that looks as good under the hood as it does on the outside.

Mobi Sites

About 50% of African web users access the internet exclusively from their mobile phones. This means that up to half your prospective customers expect a streamlined mobile experience of your digital campaign. Investing in a mobi site will maximise your brand’s exposure, optimise UX, and increase client retention and revenue.

Content Management Systems

We use a leading commercial, enterprise ready CMS which enables our clients to manage the sites we build easily and seamlessly. The CMS is very customisable, user friendly and well suited to large sites. The fact that it is a 3rd party CMS with extensive documentation means sites are easily maintainable by other parties if required, resulting in no long term lock in to our company.

App Development

Join the app revolution! With purpose-driven optimisation for unique operating systems, applications boast offline accessibility, higher speed, better UX and top client retention. If your brand requires a presence on this exciting platform, we’ll gladly lead the way with our development and design expertise.

Facebook Apps

With 92% of South African Internet users on Facebook, the revolutionary social network has incredible commercial and marketing potential. This unique branding strategy boasts unrivaled traffic, word-of-mouth credibility, the possibility of gamification, and the opportunity to interact with a colossal international audience.

Search Engine Optimisation

Given search engine saturation and the pressures of competitive industries, the importance of proper SEO cannot be overstated. Our scientific approach to SEO entails best practice SEO code principles, keyword-rich content marketing, and skillful, concise copywriting – ensuring unbeatable online exposure for your brand.


Simple Structure? Stunning design? Now all you need is clever, captivating copy tailored to your clientele to make your users’ experience truly remarkable. Our writers are trained to communicate not only the primary message, but also to project the desired image of both your brand and your consumers in as little as one line.

Digital Advertising

As an ever-increasing number of consumers are engaging online, it is absolutely imperative for brands to allocate a significant percentage of advertising budget to digital media. Whether your campaign calls for banners, pay-per-click advertising, affiliate marketing, social media advertising or the like, Lima Bean’s team of experts are proud to offer their services.

E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing engages consumers in a personalised, yet non-invasive way through subscriptions to newsletters and promotional material. This marketing strategy favours the quality of a message over the quantity of its readers, building lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with prospective and established clients.

Analytics and Insight

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Thus it is important to accurately collect and analyse interactions between your customers and your website and other digital engagements. Lima Bean will use this information to improve your current interactions with customers and enhance your digital branding strategies.

Social Media Marketing

Who isn’t on Facebook, Twitter or Google+? As the number one reason for Internet users to go online, social networking is arguably the easiest, cheapest, and most accessible form of marketing available. Let your consumers do the talking as you enjoy incomparable online visibility, credibility and customer interaction.

Customer Relationship Management

Because your consumers are your bread-and-butter, we approach each and every task from the end-user’s point of view. And to make sure we don’t miss the mark, we systematically analyse consumers’ wants and needs, allowing us to craft, adapt and maintain a custom branding strategy to meet your every need.

Content Marketing

When it comes to digital, valuable and informative content is key to attracting and retaining customers. An effective content strategy requires a well-developed User Experience (UX), simple and clear navigation, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and regular addition of relevant content. We are able to assist clients in developing a content marketing strategy that delivers real value to customers and leads to increased conversions.

Online Reputation Management

Once a brand’s image is tarnished, it’s nearly impossible to repair. With this in mind, we are vigilant in creating and maintaining trusted and respected online client profiles. Transparency is an integral part of company policy, making our online reputation management services a natural extension of our skill set.