Case Study

The brief

Just South Africa is a specialist retirement company, providing products and solutions that give retirees financial certainty and protection from outliving their assets. In 2016, Just SA set out on a major drive in providing their brokers with digital tools that will assist in explaining and demonstrating productions and solutions to clients. After an extensive evaluation process, Lima Bean was chosen to work with Just SA to build out these applications.

What we did

Lima Bean worked (and continues to work) closely with the Just SA team to build out digital solutions that brokers and 3rd party service providers can use to showcase products and services to their clients. Extensive thought went into the user interface, with extensive planning required to make complex financial formulas appear simple and easy for end users to consume.

Several apps were built by Lima Bean, using APIs provided by Just SA, integrating with Azure’s Single Sign On capabilities. Vue.js was used heavily in conjunction with Highcharts for graphing. Applications can be whitelabelled, with each 3rd party service provider getting their own “skin”.

The result

Adoption across the board has been high, with internal Just SA brokers, as well as 3rd party brokers for major investment managers, utilising the “Just” suite of tools on a daily basis; loading clients, generating graphs and sending quotes. Lima Bean continues to work closely with Just SA to build out the tools and offerings.