There are probably as many definitions for “digital agency” as there are digital agencies, but this tells you all you need to know about our dynamic and increasingly digital world.

More than a decade ago, Lima Bean just built websites. Then along came banner adverts and SEO. Suddenly the digital landscape erupted and soon it was e-commerce, smartphones and Facebook. Now, extensive WiFi and increased bandwidth means more social media, streaming of film and video content, and the ability to share everything with the world at the touch of a button. Lima Bean doesn’t just build websites anymore.

What used to happen on TV, in magazines and newspapers, is happening on your phone and laptop, and smart people everywhere are abandoning the antiquated media channels and taking their budgets where their audience is. Because there’s not just more shopping happening online. There’s more everything happening online. And for us, it’s so exciting because it allows us to speak directly to smaller groups with quality, nuanced stories.

A good example is a recent film that we produced about – of all things – wine. But the story of Patatsfontein is not just about a great wine. It’s about three friends who started bottling old vine Chenin from an unheralded region, and it has gone on to become one of South Africa’s most highly regarded wines of recent years.

In this particular case, there’s no call to action, as none was required (it’s almost impossible to get your hands on a bottle anyway). The purpose of the film was to tell a uniquely South African story to those who would enjoy it.

Finding those people is easy. We just set the parameters on Facebook, Google or our platform of choice, and let people do what people do. If the content is good enough, they’ll see to it that it reaches everyone it should.

Today, the strategic and creative aspects of Lima Bean are just as important as the technical ones. These are what allow us to create compelling, relevant stories and deliver them to those who are interested.

If you want us to tell your story, and make sure it hits the spot, pop us a mail or give us a call on +27 (0) 21 486 1860.