A Hi-Tec Way of Working

By James - August 2017

For years, Hi-Tec has been producing functional, high performance shoes that have turned it into something of an institution in this country. There’s something about our country too, that seems especially suited to the brand. Something in the water, or something in wild that makes South Africa the ideal playground for Hi-Tec.

They’ve always produced great shoes, but recently their aesthetic game has taken a huge leap forward. Now they not only do their products do the job – they also look great while doing it.

We’ve been fortunate enough to count them as a client since October last year and it’s been a pleasure showing off their shoes in many different environments. There are different ways to shoot athletic products: outside in action, in a studio with great lighting, in their natural landscape or against a plain backdrop. You can have them rotating, suspended, close-up or making an entrance. There are no rules, other than to do them justice.

Of course it’s one thing having them look good, but the real challenge is to have it translate to sales. This is where it helps if your role is not confined to creative. An omni-channel agency approach, especially in the case of an e-commerce client, not only it makes sense in theory but in practice we’ve had a taste of just how powerful this positioning can be.

Our involvement initially was that of digital marketing partner. A creative and strategic involvement, looking after paid numbers, product video and stills, digital banners, mailers and other pretty stuff. The latter already requires solid brand insight and close relations between agency and client, driving campaigns and conversion together.

Recently we’ve added a third dimension to this brand relationship: We were tasked with re-building the Hi-Tec e-commerce site, and essentially became the technology partner too. You essentially gain full-circle responsibility.

Why is this useful?

Triple insight, triple output. Hi-Tec has a one-stop shop and the agency can really get stuck in. E-commerce requires agility, and a single all-aboard team can turn things around quicker than a number of stakeholders. So decisions are made faster and deep domain brand knowledge (acquired through working with client on so many levels) adds value when campaigns and decision-making are happening at the same time. Roadmaps and future builds are considered all the time - and not only when it seems like a good time to do so.

This was also the feeling of Hi-Tec’s Alex Sanan, who has seen the value of our approach:

“It’s been great working with Lima Bean on both our digital content and e-commerce platform. They have been an instrumental part in taking our e-commerce offering to the next level. Innovative, always-on, strategic and proactive – we can always count on them to deliver”.

Hi-Tec’s PR and Content Executive, Andrea Engelbrecht, has also seen benefits with this way of working:

“People tend to think of creativity as a solo act, but Lima Bean has been continuously involving us in this process. Allowing us to find the best solutions as fast as possible.”

From our side, it’s been an absolute pleasure working on these diverse aspects of the Hi-Tec business. We feel like stakeholders, not just service providers. And when your team feels invested in something, it makes success that much more likely.

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