Scroll down to take a look inside Lima Bean
We like our coffee strong.
..and our toast buttered.
Abdominal chiselling mobile chair
Our competitive advantage
Spidey is a demon coder!
...and so is Superman!
Oh look, it's our website being lovingly crafted
Some design genius happening
Numbers, plans, deadlines, meetings, proposals...
Master designer hard at work
Master designer hard at work
Ninja coding skills getting put to good use
Looking after our friendly clients, while drinking only the best (thanks Rosetta)
A healthy amount of horsing around going on...
Our meetings are short, sharp and productive
Beauty keeps everything spic and span.
The ultimate table tennis deathmatch.

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Cape Town

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F:+27 (0)21 486 1886

United Kingdom

T:+44 (0)1223 772722
F:+44 (0)1223 451100


T:+27 (0)11 706 0276
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